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The Chisel is a tool used to detail blocks. It can be Cast or Smithed from 100 units of metal. The Chisel requires a Hammer in the offhand to be operated. The Chisel has 3 modes, Polishing, Stair, and Slab. To switch modes, press M. To use the Chisel, just use Rmb.png Right Click.

Polishing Mode

The Polishing Mode converts Raw Stone into Smooth Stone. Smooth Stone created from the Chisel is able to collapse unless it has been placed by the player.

Stair Mode

Stair Mode allows the player to convert blocks into Stairs. Holding the Chisel in Stair Mode shows a red outline around a part of the block. Right click to break off the outlined portion.

Note: Stair mode creates actual stair blocks, which will automatically connect to other stairs based on orientation. These stair blocks can be picked up and moved as if you had crafted them outright.

Slab Mode

Slab Mode works much like Stair Mode, except it allows you to create convert a full block into a slab. The slab will drop from the block when you chisel it.