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Very Small




16483, 16484, 16486 - 16491, 16493


Metal Chisel

Metal Chisels can only be made from tool metals. They can be cast in ceramic molds, or worked on a metal anvil.


Main article: Casting

Bismuth Bronze, Black Bronze, Bronze, and Copper Chisels can be cast using a Vessel or a Ceramic Mold instead of working on an anvil.

Ceramic Mold
Making the Clay Tool Mold Firing the Mold
Template:Grid/Knapping Template:Grid/Pit Kiln

Place an empty or partially filled Chisel mold into the slot to fill it with metal from the vessel. It takes 100 units of metal to completely fill an empty Ceramic Mold. The text in the vessel's GUI will be updated to show the amount of metal remaining in the vessel.


Unshaped Ingot

To fill the Chisel mold from a ceramic ingot mold, right click the liquid unshaped ingot to open the casting interface:

Template:Grid/Ceramic Mold

Put the ceramic Chisel mold in the second input slot and wait for the filled mold to finished.

Removing the Head from the Mold Finishing the Chisel
Template:Grid/Inventory Table Template:Grid/Inventory Table


Main article: Working

Chisel Heads can also be crafted by using ingots on an anvil with a hammer. This is the only option for higher tier metals that cannot be cast. The durability depends both on the metal used and the skill of the smith forging the tool.

Smithing the Chisel Head
Working Rules
File:Grid Anvil Hit Light.png File:Grid Anvil Hit Medium.png File:Grid Anvil Hit Heavy.png File:Grid Anvil Hit Light.png File:Grid Anvil Hit Medium.png File:Grid Anvil Hit Heavy.png File:Grid Anvil Draw.png
Hit, Last Hit, Not Last Draw, Not Last


Finishing the Chisel

Template:Grid/Inventory Table


Chisels are used to shape Raw Stone, Cobblestone, Smooth Stone and Plank Blocks into a variety of shapes and forms, as well as turn rocks into bricks.


Template:Grid/Inventory Table

These bricks can be used along with mortar to craft brick blocks and brick walls.

Chisel Modes

In order to use a chisel on blocks in the world, the player must also have a Hammer equipped in their hotbar. The mode of the chisel can be changed by pressing the Cycle Tool Mode key (Default:M), while having the chisel equipped.

File:Chisel Mode Toolbar.png < Mode Indicator

File:Toolmode 2-1.png Smoothing Mode

Turns Raw Stone into Smooth Stone; does nothing to other blocks.

File:Toolmode 2-2.png Stair Mode

Turns the targeted block into a stair block. Creating upside-down stairs is done by targeting the bottom face of a block. Stairs created in this way do not drop when mined, and must be created on the spot. Cannot make corner stairs.

File:Toolmode 2-3.png Slab Mode

Slabs the targeted face of a block. Each face may be slabbed a maximum of seven times, with each use of the chisel removing another eighth of the original block. Any face of the block may be slabbed at any time, meaning it is possible to create blocks of almost any size and position. Slabs created in this way do not drop when mined, and must be created on the spot. Slabs do not connect to fences or glass panes, and grass will grow under slabs of any size.

File:Toolmode 2-4.png Detail Mode

Turns the targeted block into an 8×8×8 block consisting of 512 sub-blocks that can be chiseled away individually to have highly detailed work. Pressing the Lock Tool Location key (Default:L) locks the chisel to the last block which was detailed, making it easier to detail one block at a time. Pressing it again will unlock the chisel and allow it to detail other blocks. Detail mode is also required to use Blueprints.

Blueprints allow the player to make one detailed block structure and copy it onto a blueprint, in order to easily create it again. Right-clicking with a blank blueprint on a detailed block will copy that detailed block onto each blueprint in the stack of blueprints. This will copy the block layout to every single blueprint item in the stack.

When this is done, a GUI will open to name the blueprint for organization purposes. To use the blueprint, both a chisel and a hammer must be equipped in the hotbar. Right click on the block with a chisel in detailed mode to convert it into the subdivided block, then click on the block with the blueprint. Both the chisel and the hammer will take durability damage.

To make a blueprint, simply combine one Paper and one Marking together in the crafting table.

Template:Grid/Inventory Table


Main article: Achievements
Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Template:Achievement Chalcolithic! Cast something in metal to enter the Copper Age No stone unturned Fill a tool mold in a ceramic vessel filled with liquid metal.