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== Sizes and You ==
== Sizes and You ==

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Game Mechanic
This page contains information about a Game Mechanic. The things this page talks about may apply to Items, Blocks, Areas or other things. They are not something you obtain and could be invisible to the player. The information outlined on this page may or may not work with other mods.

Sizes and You

Together Size and Weight make up how many items can be held in a stack and the limits of how many of an item you can carry in a single stack. Along with that Size restricts what can be held inside some inventories. There are 6 Sizes from smallest to largest:

  1. Tiny
  2. Very Small
  3. Small
  4. Normal
  5. Large
  6. Huge

Each size has a stack limit tied to it.


  • Large and Huge are the only sizes that have any limits applied to them.
  • Large & Huge items can't be placed inside of most inventories. They have separate storage solutions instead, like Log Piles and Ingot Piles.
  • Huge items can only be cooked one at a time inside of a Pit Kiln.

Extra Restrictions with Weight

Something is missing! Help fill out the following missing information: Slowness debuff is still missing, needs to be added when TNG gets it.

Stack Size Table

Each box corresponds to the maximum stack amount for every Size+Weight combination.

Size*Weight Tiny (64) Very Small (32) Small (16) Normal (8) Large (4) Huge (1)
Light (4) 64 64 64 32 16 4
Medium (2) 64 64 32 16 8 2
Heavy (1) 64 32 16 8 4 1