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Here you can find the TNG Addon list and information about Addons!

Do you make an addon? Add information here and create some pages for it! Make sure to follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

About This Page

TFC has a long history of extra mods that add or modify aspects of it called Addons! This page is a place to serve as a resource for players and addon makers to find out more about them! You will find a list of addons, Pages of information for addons and information on making addons.

It is Highly recommended that your addon be published on CurseForge as this will easily allow pack makers to use your addon along with provide you with some extra tools.

When posting an addon on CurseForge PLEASE MARK YOUR MOD AS DEPENDENT ON TFC. This allows users to find the mod and get the correct files!

Anything that requires TFC should be under the Required Dependency option. Things that don't require TFC to run should be listed under Optional Dependency

Here you can find all the addons here:

CurseForge 'Required Dependency' Addons.

CurseForge 'Optional Dependency' Addons.

Addon Mods

Mod Name TFC Version(s) Description
Addon:Oversized Item in Storage Area All Non-TFC container size limiter! No more large items inside other mods inventories!
TFC Metallum All Adds various modded metals and ores to TFC for use in modpacks.
TFC Tech Unofficial All This is a cross-over mod, which integrates technical mods with TerraFirmaCraft.
TFC Tinker All Bridge Terrafirmacraft and Tinkers Construct.
TFC Water Flasks All Adds reusable water flasks
Addon:Rocks+ All Add new Rock types to Terrafirmacraft.
TFCompat All Bridge TFC and Other mods.
TFC Decoration All Add new Decorative Blocks to TFC
TFCTweaker All Add new ways to tweak tfc.
TerrafirmaThings All Add Things to Terrafirmacraft.
Dynamic Trees TFC All Add compatibility with Dynamic Trees to TFC trees.
Addon:Cellars All Adds Cellars a multi-block structure that is great for preserving food.

Adding Addon Wiki Pages

All pages need to follow these rules:

  • Addon pages must follow this format Addon:ModName-PageName PageName is for mods that need more than one page.
  • The base page for an addon Addon:ModName should be treated as a main page, Include links to any sub pages used and general information.
  • Link back to original TNG pages when possible.
  • If your mod changes mechanics of TFC make sure to make them clear to the user.