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Ore Small (10 units) Poor (15 units) Normal (25 units) Rich (35 units)
Native Copper Native_Copper_Nugget.png Poor_Native_Copper.png Native_Copper.png Rich_Native_Copper.png
Tetrahedrite Small_Tetrahedrite.png Poor_Tetrahedrite.png Tetrahedrite.png Rich_Tetrahedrite.png
Malachite Small_Malachite.png Poor_Malachite.png Malachite.png Rich_Malachite.png

Copper is a tier 1 metal obtained by melting Native Copper, Tetrahedrite or Malachite in a Ceramic Vessel or a Crucible.

Native Copper spawns frequently in Igneous Extrusive Layers, and can be obtained through Gold Panning. Tetrahedrite spawns frequently in Metamorphic rock types, and Malachite spawns more rarely, only in Marble or Limestone rock types. Copper can be Cast once smelted, or alloyed during the smelting process in a Ceramic Vessel to make bronze, and then cast. It can be worked on any anvil of tier 1 or higher.

Tools, Weapons, and Armor

Copper Tools have a durability of 600 for most tools (Prospector's Picks have a third of this, at 200, and Scythes have 50% more at 900).

Copper Swords do 4.5 base slashing damage, Copper Maces do 5.55 base crushing damage, and Copper Javelins do 3.45 base piercing damage. Copper Shields, Swords, and Maces have 600 durability, while Javelins have 60.

A full suit of Copper Armor provides 10 armor rating, with durability ranging from 154 base for the Copper Helmet to 224 base for the Copper Chestplate.

Alloying and Smithing

Copper can be Welded on a Stone Anvil to make Double Ingots. 7 Double Ingots can be combined in an "I" pattern to make a Copper anvil. Copper anvils allow for Smithing Copper tools and weapons, which will receive bonuses as a players smithing skill increases. Copper anvils allow for the welding of Bronze, Bismuth Bronze, or Black Bronze double ingots, to create a tier 2 anvil.

Copper is used as an alloy in Bronze, Black Bronze, Bismuth Bronze, Brass, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver.


Note: Metals are still workable at welding temperature

Item Warming Hot Very Hot Faint Red Dark Red Bright Red Orange Yellow Yellow White White Brilliant White
. . : :. :: . . : :. :: . . : :. :: . . : :. :: . . : :. :: . . : :. :: . . : :. :: . . : :. :: . . : :. :: . . : :. :: . . : :. ::
Ingot Copper.png Copper 648° 864° 1080° 3000°