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Tiny (Black, Blue, White, Brown)


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Light (Black, Blue, White, Brown)



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Dyes are used to color blocks such as Alabaster, Wool, Concrete, Terracotta, and Glass. They are also used to create Dye Liquids, a more efficient way to dye objects than through crafting.

Dyes are almost always obtained by crushing some item in a Quern. Below is a table of what items can be crushed into what dye (or equivalent item).

Dye Recipes
Input Output
Scarlet Star Bromeliad Red Dye
Poppy Red Dye
Porcini Mushroom Red Dye
Rose Red Dye
Red Snapdragon Red Dye
Tropical Milkweed Red Dye
Red Tulip Red Dye
Flaming Sword Bromeliad Red Dye
Hematite Hematite Powder
Butterfly Milkweed Orange Dye
Canna Lily Orange Dye
Nasturtium Orange Dye
Bird of Paradise Flower Orange Dye
Orange Tulip Orange Dye
Water Canna Orange Dye
Marigold Yellow Dye
Dandelion Yellow Dye
Mead's Milkweed Yellow Dye
Goldenrod Yellow Dye
Yellow Snapdragon Yellow Dye
Limonite Limonite Powder
Moss Lime Dye
Barrel Cactus Green Dye
Reindeer Lichen Green Dye
Malachite Malachite Powder
Labrador Tea Light Blue Dye
Sapphire Tower Light Blue Dye
Blue Orchid Blue Dye
Grape Hyacinth Blue Dye
Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli Powder
Allium Purple Dye
Black Orchid Purple Dye
Russian Sage Purple Dye
Athyrium Fern Magenta Dye
Morning Glory Magenta Dye
Pasque Flower Magenta Dye
Yucca Light Gray Dye
Azure Bluet White Dye
Oxeye Daisy White Dye
Primrose White Dye
White Snapdragon White Dye
Trillium White Dye
Spanish Moss White Dye
White Tulip White Dye
Bones Bonemeal
Bone Blocks Bonemeal
Scouringrush Horsetail Brown Dye
Sargassum Brown Dye
Graphite Graphite Powder
Ink Sac Ink Sac
Sylvite Fertilizer