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Gems are mostly a useless item that are only found when mining Raw Stone except for Diamonds as they only drop from Kimberlite. There are five grades that all share the same drop chance (0.003875 default).


Type Chipped Flawed Normal Flawless Exquisite
Agate Chipped Agate.png Flawed Agate.png Normal Agate.png Flawless Agate.png Exquisite Agate.png
Amethyst Chipped Amethyst.png Flawed Amethyst.png Normal Amethyst.png Flawless Amethyst.png Exquisite Amethyst.png
Beryl Chipped Beryl.png Flawed Beryl.png Normal Beryl.png Flawless Beryl.png Exquisite Beryl.png
Diamond Chipped Diamond.png Flawed Diamond.png Normal Diamond.png Flawless Diamond.png Exquisite Diamond.png
Emerald Chipped Emerald.png Flawed Emerald.png Normal Emerald.png Flawless Emerald.png Exquisite Emerald.png
Garnet Chipped Garnet.png Flawed Garnet.png Normal Garnet.png Flawless Garnet.png Exquisite Garnet.png
Jade Chipped Jade.png Flawed Jade.png Normal Jade.png Flawless Jade.png Exquisite Jade.png
Jasper Chipped Jasper.png Flawed Jasper.png Normal Jasper.png Flawless Jasper.png Exquisite Jasper.png
Opal Chipped Opal.png Flawed Opal.png Normal Opal.png Flawless Opal.png Exquisite Opal.png
Ruby Chipped Ruby.png Flawed Ruby.png Normal Ruby.png Flawless Ruby.png Exquisite Ruby.png
Sapphire Chipped Sapphire.png Flawed Sapphire.png Normal Sapphire.png Flawless Sapphire.png Exquisite Sapphire.png
Topaz Chipped Topaz.png Flawed Topaz.png Normal Topaz.png Flawless Topaz.png Exquisite Topaz.png
Tourmaline Chipped Tourmaline.png Flawed Tourmaline.png Normal Tourmaline.png Flawless Tourmaline.png Exquisite Tourmaline.png