Hot Spring Water

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Hot spring water is a naturally occurring liquid. It can be distinguished from other forms of water by the presence of steam and bubbles rising from the surface. Unlike fresh and salt water, but like lava, hot spring water is a finite resource; it is not possible to generate additional hot spring water source blocks by removing a corner of a larger pool.


Hot spring water can be picked up in a wooden or red steel bucket. As with other forms of water, placing the water from a wooden bucket back into the world does not place a source block, even though picking up the water consumes one. The red steel bucket does place the source block back into the world.

Swimming in, or walking through, hot spring water rapidly heals the player.

Hot spring water can be loaded into a barrel, either via buckets or directly by right-clicking on a water source block with the barrel. In the latter case, because hot spring water is finite, only one bucket (1000 mB) of water is loaded into the barrel, in contrast to other forms of water where the same action loads 10 buckets of water at once. Hot spring water in a barrel can be used to produce olive oil or liquid dye.