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The Quiver is a storage container with a capacity of 8 stacks, but can only contain javelins and arrows. It is knapped from leather.


The purpose of the quiver is to act as an efficient container for ammunition and to automatically replenish the player’s supply when they run out: after throwing a javelin, another javelin will automatically move from the quiver to the now-empty hot bar slot; when drawing a bow, if there are no arrows in the player’s hot bar and inventory, one will automatically move from the quiver to a free inventory slot so the bow can be drawn (if there are no free inventory slots and no arrows outside quivers, the bow cannot be drawn). To open the quiver’s inventory, hold it in your hand and Right Click. The automatic operation of the quiver is controlled by the “Quiver Search Locations” setting, in General Settings → Player Settings.


In disabled mode, the quiver never automatically replenishes ammunition. In this case it is useful only as an eight-slot container to carry large quantities of ammunition which must be unpacked manually.


In armor mode, the quiver automatically replenishes ammunition if worn in the chestplate slot. Because the quiver must be worn in the chestplate slot for automatic replenishment to occur in this mode, an actual chestplate cannot be worn at the same time. Depending on one’s combat style, it may be more useful to wear a chestplate and use the quiver merely as an efficient way to carry a lot of ammunition. A careful explorer can often see hostiles before engaging in combat, allowing time to put down non-combat-related items in a safe place so as to clear out inventory space and unpack the quiver. Alternatively, one could carry enough ammunition for a single encounter immediately at hand, then replenish used ammunition from the quiver after combat is over.

Hotbar (default)

In hotbar mode, the quiver automatically replenishes ammunition if held in any hotbar slot.


In inventory mode, the quiver automatically replenishes ammunition if carried anywhere in the player’s inventory.