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The Sluice is used to filter out sand or gravel to get ore nuggets and gems. The nuggets it produces are derived from the ore blocks in surrounding chunks, whereas the gems it produces are random.


A properly configured sluice
  1. Find shoreline and dig out a trench a few blocks to create flowing water.
  2. Dig your flowing water trench 1 block down and 2 blocks long.
  3. Place the sluice so that the water flows down into the sluice.
  4. Past the end of the sluice, dig another block down so the water can flow out.
  5. Drop sand or gravel into the sluice and wait.

When properly laid out, after dropping materials into the sluice, small specks will appear in the slats of the sluice. If the sluice is not properly arranged, it may still consume inputs but the specks will not appear and it will not produce output.