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Icon Tool Name Earliest Method
Wrought Iron Axe.png Axe
Used for chopping down trees and breaking planks. Also allows for faster breaking of Fruit Bushes and obtaining Fruit Tree saplings
Stone knapping
Wrought Iron Hammer.png Hammer
Used in Smithing, Welding, and Chiseling, as well as crafting flux stone into flux.
Stone knapping
Wrought iron knife.png Knife
Used for collecting straw from grass and in food salad and sandwich making.
Stone knapping
Wrought Iron Hoe.png Hoe
Turns dirt into farmland
Stone knapping
Wrought Iron Shovel.png Shovel
Used to dig up Dirt, Gravel, Sand and Charcoal
Stone knapping
Tools propick wrought iron.png Prospector's Pick
Used to check for the type and quantity of Ores and Minerals in close vicinity, used for finding ore deposits
Metal casting
Tools pickaxe wrought iron.png Pickaxe
Breaks Stone into rock, and mines Ores to be collected.
Metal casting
Tools saw wrought iron.png Saw
Crafts logs into Lumber or Support Beams. Can also break planks efficiently.
Metal casting
Tools Scythe Wrought Iron.png Scythe
Breaks all leaves or crops within a 3×3×3 area, allowing for quicker stick, sapling, or crop harvesting.
Metal casting
Tools Spindle.png Spindle
Turns wool into yarn
Clay firing
Tools chisel iron.png Chisel
Allows chiselling stone into smooth variants and chipping rocks into bricks.
Metal Casting
Tools shears Wrought iron.png Shears
Allow for collecting wool off shearable livestock, collection of plants and leaves.
Metal Welding
Weapon Name Earliest Material
Tools javelin wrought iron.png Javelin
Basic ranged weapon with sub-par melee damage. Inflicts piercing damage, which does not damage skeletons
Stone knapping
Tools Bow.png Bow
Advanced ranged weapon with a greater ability for sustained fire, but almost no melee damage. Inflicts ranged piercing damage, which does not damage skeletons
Farming (string)
Tools sword Wrought iron.png Sword
Advanced melee weapon- inflicts slashing damage
Metal Casting
Tools mace Wrought iron.png Mace
Advanced melee weapon- inflicts crushing damage
Metal Casting