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Wild Crops

Crops spawn randomly in the wild, with each individual type spanned out over an 8x8 chunk grid. This means the player will have to explore quite some distance in order to gather every single type of crop. Wild crops only generate between the seasons of Spring and Late Summer, and have a chance to regenerate during those seasons every year.


Harvesting a crop will always drop at least a single seed, as well as increase the player's agriculture skill. The higher the player's agriculture skill, the more likely that a second seed will drop as well, allowing for farm expansion.

Crop Types

Planted crops mimic real life in how long it takes for them to grow before they can be harvested. Note however, that these values have been scaled to fit within the length of a TFC year which by default is only 96 days.

Crop Name Harvest Refined to Pickable Speed Hardy² Growth Phases
Barley Barley.png Barley Barley Grain No Very Slow No x50px
Maize Maize Ear.png Maize Ear --- No Average No x100px
Oat Oat.png Oat Oat Grain No Very Slow No x50px
Rice Rice.png Rice Rice Grain No Very Slow No x50px
Rye Rye.png Rye Rye Grain No Very Slow No x50px
Wheat Wheat.png Wheat Wheat Grain No Very Slow No x50px
Red Bell Pepper Green Pepper.png Green Pepper
Red Pepper.png Red Pepper
--- Yes¹ Very Fast No³ x50px
Yellow Bell Pepper Green Pepper.png Green Pepper
Yellow Pepper.png Yellow Pepper
--- Yes¹ Very Fast No³ x50px
Cabbage Cabbage.png Cabbage --- No Average Yes x50px
Carrot Carrot.png Carrot --- No Fast Yes x50px
Garlic Garlic.png Garlic --- No Fast Yes x50px
Greenbean Green Bean.png Green Bean --- Yes Slow No x50px
Onion Onion.png Onion --- No Slow Yes x50px
Potato Potato.png Potato --- No Slow No x50px
Beet Beet.png Beet --- No Slow Yes x50px
Soybean Soybean.png Soybean --- No Slow No x50px
Squash Squash.png Squash --- No Very Slow No x50px
Tomato Tomato.png Tomato --- Yes Very Slow No x100px
Sugarcane Sugarcane.png Sugarcane Sugar No Very Slow No³ x70px
Jute Jute.png Jute x2 Jute Fibers No Average No³ x70px

¹Bell Peppers can be harvested/picked both when the pepper is immature: green, and ripe: red or yellow. ²Growth is not affected by temperature above 4℃. ³Very sensitive to the cold. Can die at temperatures below 5℃ (sugarcane: 12℃) .


Fruits and vegetables can be eaten directly by the player, making them a renewable source of food, however optimal nutritions level require Cereal crops (except of Maize) need to be refined to Grains using knife (with Straw as byproduct), grinded in Quern to flour, each flour + bucket of water produce 2 doughs which can be baked to obtain bread.

Animal Husbandry

Cereals used to tame and breed animals. Chicken, duck and pig can eat rotten cereals.


Jute is soaked in a water barrel to produce jute fibers, which are used to craft rope. A full water barrel can process up to 14 jute at a time.


Sugarcane is soaked in a water barrel to produce sugar.

Input Output Rope
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Water Barrel


Farmland, also known as soil, gives your plants access to water, if any source is close enough.