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This page is for Frequently Asked Questions. Removed/turned down features live on the No page.

How Do I install TFC-TNG?

This isn't a guide to install Forge.

  1. Download & Install MinecraftForge.
  2. Download TFC
  3. Put the file in the mods folder.
  4. Start Minecraft.

I found a bug.

We do not accept bug reports on the wiki. Please use the github

I need support for my 1.7.10 world/modpack

We maintain Classic but do not provide official support for it. Typically removing mods until the bug goes away works. Also, just update to 1.12. It's pretty nice.

You should make X feature into a separate mod / break up TFC into a library

We do not have a team large enough to do this, and separating features that you don't like out is actually more work than maintaining a single large mod. TFC is meant to be played as it is. The config exists for this reason.