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The grid template is a singular grid cell, which has the ability to display any image (usually a block or item).


All inputs are optional (however Amount, Mod, Link and Title won't do anything without Name):

|align=Vertical Alignment


  • To display an image with an amount of 20 (2 - 999 is supported, anything else will not be displayed):

{{Grid|Straw,20}} - The automatic link is removed if {{SUBPAGENAME}} is the same as the item name. This is to help prevent self-links, use the link parameter to re-add the link if you need it.

  • If no image is specified, the background will be added on its own, this could be used to do layouts like so:
  • Grids can be animated with a theoretically unlimited amount of frames, between mod items and vanilla items. Frames are separated by semi-colons (;).

{{Grid|Dirt;TNT,64;Grass Block,5;Sand;Gold Helmet,12;Redstone}}

  • Align uses the vertical-align CSS property. For example to align to the middle:

Smells like {{Grid|Raw Porkchop|align=middle}} in here!

  • To change the link from the image name put:


  • To remove the link, set link to none:

{{Grid|Charcoal|link=none}} - Note that this retains the title.

Other templates

These templates implement this template into a GUI screen which mimics how it would look in Minecraft. Thus, they have mostly the same features as this template. Template:Grid/See also