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The Cellars main use is storing and preserving Food. It's relatively low-maintenance and adds few items namely the blocks required for the multi-block and the "coolant" items which are obtained from mining ice using an Ice Saw. The three types of ice have different amounts of fuel (units) being Packed Ice Shard(60) Ice Shard(120) Sea Ice Shard(180). The Cellar itself can have a internal space ranging from 1x1 to 7x7 the largest costing a minimum of 159 Cellar blocks (the primary structure block) which each cost 4 Lumber 2 Clay and 2 Straw. While the Cellar can be made early on it isn't exactly cheap simply the blocks for the largest size Cellar costs a whooping 636 Lumber, 318 Straw and 318 Clay. The earliest point you can make a Cellar is once you have lumber but it won't be that effective until you have put some Ice shards into it's central "brain" called the Ice Bunker though it will preserve your Food somewhat.

To take advantage of the Cellar you need to store your food in "Cellar Shelfs" which have 14 slots each and are simply crafted with 7 Lumber