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So you would like to help contribute information to this wiki, Please make sure to read this page fully before jumping in and editing!

Rules & Guidelines

  • Do not copy assets from the Classic(1.7.10) TFC wiki.
  • Do not obscure information about mechanics, items, blocks or anything else done by TFC.
  • Every Item/Block will get a separate page, with some exceptions. Gems is an example of this exception.
  • If you can't finish something or need help mark it with a ToDo template and describe the issue in it.
  • Any information copied from the Classic(1.7.10) TFC wiki must be marked with an Old template until it's fully updated.
  • Do not remove any ToDo's unless you fixed the problem described.
  • Do not document differences from Classic(1.7.10) TFC on any pages other than the Differences From Classic page.
  • Uploaded item and block textures are to be 512px.
  • Any place you can link to another page, do so. Even if it creates a dead link, this is information that will get filled in eventually.
  • Recipes are a last priority. They all show up in JEI, don't worry about them, get the data down instead.
  • Don't use the wikEd editor when trying to do TemplateData as it does not work like it should....
  • When Uploading files for things with many types follow the Material_Type name system. Example: Copper Ingot

Template Info

  • Templates are to be used wherever generic information can easily be copied across multiple pages.
  • Templates follow a strict name system. Any new templates must follow the TemplateType_TemplateTopic format. See Templates for how this looks.