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Game Mechanic
This page contains information about a Game Mechanic. The things this page talks about may apply to Items, Blocks, Areas or other things. They are not something you obtain and could be invisible to the player. The information outlined on this page may or may not work with other mods.

Weight controls stack size while size controls container suitability.

There are 6 Sizes from smallest to largest:

  1. Tiny
  2. Very Small
  3. Small
  4. Normal
  5. Large
  6. Very Large
  7. Huge


  • Chests restricts to Large and below.
  • Large vessels restricts to Normal and below.
  • Small vessels restricts to Small and below.
  • Very large items can only be cooked one at a time inside of a Pit Kiln.
  • Very Large & Huge items can't be placed inside inventories.
  • Some items have their unique placing method.
  • Carrying a single huge item will cause you to consume food and water slightly faster than normal.
  • Carrying multiple huge items at the same time will make you overburdened, you will be incapable of jumping and movement speed will be really slower than normal.