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Pottery is used to create a variety of objects needed for progression in TerraFirmaCraft. It is made from forming Clay and then firing it in a Pit Kiln.

Clay Forming

The five basic clay formed objects are; Clay Jug, Clay Vessel, Clay Mold, Clay Bowl, and the Large Clay Vessel. Clay objects are created using an interface similar to knapping. To open this interface, you must right-click with a stack of 5 or more clay. Clay items are of no use until they have been fired.

For tool and weapon mold recipes, refer to .


Ceramic items include the Ceramic Jug, for drinking water, the small and large Ceramic Vessel, used for storage, smelting, metallurgy, and casting, Clay Tool Molds, for casting tools and ingots, the Spindle, for making Wool, the Bowl for gold-panning and food preparation, and the Pot, for making Soup, among other things. Most ceramic items have a chance of breaking when used, though this chance is different for each item.

Basic Clay Forming Patterns

Large Vessel Small Vessel Jug