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A list of all the current things that are marked with a Template:ToDo! Help fill out pages and get these items off the ToDo list!

  • Fluid Infobox -- iteminfobox but with the regular blockimages / invimages, lava based (ie damages the player), renewable, obtainable, bucket (can be None, Red, Blue, or Any)
  • Food template
  • Tannin template
  • Fuels template?? see the Log page, someone needs to make sense of it.
  • Trees page is another shit import that needs looking at. Might need a template
  • Crop growth phases slideshows -- see Agriculture
  • CSS for the Tools page breaks constantly
  • fix the verification test
  • Tools page needs images in the template

Low priority / Russian will decide more about these later:

  • Fruit trees
  • berries
  • Seasons
  • foliage color defaults